“I know exactly what drives a high achiever – I am one!”
– Coach Janese

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Making Changes

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Finding Balance

Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

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About Me

Janese Shakur

Personal mentor and Life Coach

In this world of boundless opportunities, Coach Janese empowers her students with the tools necessary to not only join her ranks among the world’s high achievers, but also to realistically establish themselves at the personal apexes of their potential.

Coach Janese’s empathetic and insightful approach compliment her unique ability to balance the demand for personal accountability while maintaining a supportive role in her clients’ journey to attain their personal and professional life goals, whatever they may be.

Having an academic background in the Sciences, Coach Janese takes an analytical…..


Successful Stories

The Older Sister I Wish I Had

Coach Janese is like the older sister that I always wished I had! She is always able to provide the right advice at the right time! I recall my first mentoring session with Coach Janese, all I could think of was how she exuded positivity and confidence! And I wanted to be just like that! I am a firm believer in learning from those who have gone before you and Coach Janese has a wealth of life experiences! In working with Coach Janese, she guided me to start focusing on the important things in life and helped me sift through all the other noise! She was my number one cheerleader! Soon after starting sessions with Coach Janese, I began to excel in my career like I have never been able to before, I married the love of my life and we purchased our first house! And most importantly, I too began to exude the confidence and positivity I needed to succeed in life. Thank you Coach!!!

Billi Ashale, Houston, Texas

Born Again DIVA

I experienced devastation during a divorce and went into a deep depression. I felt hopeless and couldn’t see past my circumstances. I began reaching out to individuals within my circle that were giving me their hand. I started working with Coach Janese and in each conversation, she encouraged me to focus on myself. She always asked the question, “What is Tammi going to do?”. I realized that I was missing out on life. Janese actually took it a step further and gradually started introducing me to life again; life as a DIVA. As I experienced new things and new people, I understood that, “He didn’t leave me but he FREED me”. He freed me to be the DIVA I was meant to be. I’m no longer the victim, but Confident, Empowered and Destined to succeed. Thanks, Coach Janese for guiding me towards the light, giving me a taste of life and showing me how to live afain. I love you for shring your gift with me and others, the gift of life.

Tammi McCreary, Atlanta, Georgia.

Coach Janese saved my life!

Working with Coach Janese saved my life. I was a hot mess. I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast. But Coach Janese helped me to define my goals and get focused. And everything that I set out to do I achieved. Coaching with Janese was the best decision I ever made.

Shacotta Fields, New York

Getting to the next level!

I’m “Euphoric” over the insight, listening ear, and tutorial I’ve received from Coach Janese during our time together. I have not been able to take my life nor my business to the next level and had been pondering on what would it take to do so for years. Thanks to you Coach Janese, I have positive vision and movement. I love the fact that Coach Janese made me come up with answers, you just provided the best questions that I should have been asking myself. I can only say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear! I look forward to many more sessions as I become all that I can be!

Klarque Garrison, Atlanta, Georgia
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